Lost Theory Reveals Hurley’s Curse Wasn’t The Numbers’ Fault

Lost Theory Reveals Hurley’s Curse Wasn’t The Numbers’ Fault

A Lost theory explains that while Hurley’s bad luck really did come from a curse, it actually had nothing to do with his lottery numbers.

A Lost theory explains that Hurley’s so-called “curse” was real – but it didn’t have anything to do with the numbers. Across most of the series, Jorge Garcia’s character was convinced that a certain set of numbers had somehow been cursed. He believed that they were responsible for several of the unfortunate events that occurred in his life, both on and off the island.

Hurley’s winning lottery numbers, “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42” were one of Lost’s biggest mysteries. After supposedly ruining Hurley’s life in Los Angeles, they popped up in multiple, unexpected places. They were associated with the Hatch, a radio broadcast, the research conducted by Danielle Rousseau’s science team, and more. Explanations for their significance were inferred by the show, which eventually revealed that each number corresponded with one of Jacob’s final candidates. They’ve also been linked to the Valenzetti Equation, a mathematical formula that the Dharma Initiative was using to predict the apocalypse. But while Lost did offer clues about the numbers’ origins, the show never attempted to explain if they were actually cursed or not.


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While some have chalked the bizarre incidents in Hurley’s life (such as the meteor that hit the fast-food restaurant where he worked) up to his awful luck and a string of unusual coincidences, others have theorized that the character truly was cursed, but not by Lost’s numbers. Instead, there are arguments that Jacob is the one who brought about all his problems. Jacob, who had secret run-ins with his candidates, had mysterious, supernatural powers. The limits of these abilities weren’t defined, so it isn’t necessarily impossible that he caused Hurley’s bad luck. And since Hurley was a candidate, Jacob would have a very good motive to push the character toward the island.

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Lost’s flashbacks never confirmed that Jacob met Hurley before his initial arrival on the island, but since he crossed paths with characters like Jack, Kate, and Sawyer in their earlier years, it could be that he did have an offscreen, passing encounter with Hurley around the same that his bad luck began to take effect. Using his powers, Jacob may have predicted Hurley’s reaction, which was to blame it on the lottery numbers and board Flight 815 along with the other candidates Jacob had selected. Jacob needed these people to come to the island, and Hurley wouldn’t have been one of them if he didn’t investigate his ”cursed” numbers.

The biggest potential flaw in this theory is the fact that Hurley wasn’t the only one troubled by bad luck tied to the numbers. The mental patient he got them from in the first place seemingly suffered from similar issues. So if Jacob really is the cause of the curse, that means he either cursed multiple people or their fates simply were just coincidences. This could also paint Jacob in a much more negative light, as it would make him responsible for the death of Hurley’s grandfather, and possibly others as well. Whether or not he had anything to do with it will never be known, but the possibility may have been hinted at in a conversation between the two characters when they spoke in a taxi cab. Jacob suggested that the source of Hurley’s problems wasn’t a curse, but a blessing. So if this Lost theory is true, Jacob may believe that he “blessed” Hurley.

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