Daytime and evening concert works will be held at the Daegu Concert House, a slow fifteen-minute walk from/to the Daegu Art Factory. The Concert House has two concert spaces – Grand Hall and Chamber Hall. The Concert House also includes three rehearsal spaces where composers and musicians will be able to work in preparation for concerts.

Each concert hall is configured for 12-channel sound projection. More details on loudspeaker/channel configuration please click here.

The Late Night concert program will be at the Sogeum Changgo, a minute walk from the Daegu Concert House. The venue will include an 8-channel sound system for audiovisual music programming.

Daegu Concert House

Concert hall with professional facilities
(Renovated in 2013)

Daegu Dongsung-ro , 10 min walking distance
(5 minutes for Daegu Lotte Dept. , 10 minutes for Lotte Young plaza etc.)

5 minutes walk from major hotels
(Novotel Ambassador Daegu)

Free High Speed WiFi (200 Mbps average)

Daegu Art Factory

Creative workspace with multipurpose spaces

5 minutes Five Stars Hotels (driving)
(Novotel Ambassador Daegu, Eldis Regent Hotel)

Convenient accessibility
( 6 minutes from Ground rail (Yellow Line, Line3 ) Dalsung Park station by walking)

Free High Speed WiFi available

Venue Locations and Map