Tammy Reportedly Getting Weight Loss Surgery In June

Tammy Reportedly Getting Weight Loss Surgery In June

After three seasons of trying to qualify for bariatric surgery, 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is qualified to undergo the procedure in June.

After years of struggling to qualify for bariatric weight loss surgery, it’s being reported that 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is approved to undergo the procedure in June. For Tammy, this has been a goal of hers since the show premiered on TLC in January 2020. She and her sister Amy, who weighed over 600 and 400 pounds, respectively, started the journey to wellness together, but only Amy was able to move forward in the process. Two years later, Tammy also had to watch from the sidelines as her brother Chris Combs got the surgery. Now, it seems that Tammy’s time has finally come.

In season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy’s family and fans alike became deeply concerned about her health and wellbeing. Despite checking herself into a rehab facility and dropping some weight, she left early, vowing to keep up with her diet and exercise at home. However, this didn’t happen. Tammy’s eating habits continued to worsen, along with a new interest in heavy drinking. Somehow, the words of bariatrician Dr. Eric Smith got through to her, and Tammy agreed to return to rehab. After one day, Tammy’s lungs started to fail, and she was placed on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. Tammy survived this health scare and lost an impressive 115 pounds in a month.


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It’s been a long road of setbacks, but it appears that Tammy’s life is about to change for the better. The Sun recently reported that, according to a close friend of Tammy’s, she’s scheduled to undergo bariatric surgery in June — two months earlier than anticipated. The accelerated date is because Tammy has been following her doctor’s orders and drastically improving her health. For example, she no longer needs full-time assisted breathing. “She hates her trach, although it’s gotten smaller,” said the source. “She only has to wear it part-time now.” Additionally, Tammy is slated to receive a knee operation, which aims to enhance her limited mobility.

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

The future looks bright for Tammy, who also has plans in the works to pen a memoir. After three seasons of watching Tammy struggle with food addiction and depression, not to mention her relationships with men who wanted her to stay morbidly obese, it will be refreshing to see her achieve success. Her siblings constantly tried to help her, from hiring a home nurse to tearfully informing Tammy how much it would hurt to lose her. All the while, Tammy snapped at her loved ones, especially Amy, who she called “stupid,” among a slew of other insults. But Tammy had to want to make this change for herself.

Fans have been desperate for an update about Tammy, who was locked out of her Instagram account and banned from TikTok. Given her continued absence from social media, they’ll likely learn full details about her time in rehab, and impending surgeries, during season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters. Though nothing official has been announced by TLC or the sisters, Tammy has hinted about the show’s eventual return. At this point, it’s unclear whether or not Amy will be part of the series moving forward. She previously expressed her desire to focus on her son Gage and prepare for her next baby. But maybe, if 1000-lb Sisters returns to its season 1 roots of Amy and Tammy cracking each other up as they work to improve their health, she’ll reconsider.

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Source: The Sun

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