Where Did All These May Flowers Come From? Tabs, Tues., May 10, 2022

Where Did All These May Flowers Come From? Tabs, Tues., May 10, 2022


Oklahoma cops gunned down a Black man who’d raised his hands in the air. They just didn’t care. (The Daily Beast)

Vijaya Gadde, the so-called “architect of Donald Trump’s Twitter ban,” who the Right denounces as censor, is also a woman of color. That’s a fact we shouldn’t ignore, especially as her days at Twitter are likely numbered. (Washington Post)

Democratic-run states aren’t exactly post-Roe utopias for abortion rights. We need to protect reproductive freedom everywhere. (The Nation)

No matter how many battles conservatives win, they still seem to live in constant fear. (Twitter)

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is coming after queer people next. It’s a question of whether he has enough votes to turn back the clock. The answer is likely depressing. (Vox)

The Amy Coney Barrett profile from a few months ago reminds me that she’s also terrible and will live forever. (The New Yorker)

How Democrats could fix partisan gerrymandering. (Slate)

It’s been colder and wetter than usual in Seattle this May. On the upside, the city has terrible traffic and obnoxious tech bros. (Seattle Times)

Brian Beutler shares my thoughts about the Democrats’ current predicament. He also dares suggest everything’s not all sunshine and roses. (The Big Tent)

It’s common when taking stock of Democrats’ political performance over the past year for the party’s defenders to scratch out the word “Democrats” and substitute “Manchin and Sinema” instead. And to a pretty large extent, I agree. There really are a bunch of things Democrats are this close to being able to do but for their zero-vote margin, and the existence of those two. The leftist critique that the party actually wants to lose big public fights over Build Back Better, democracy protection, abortion rights, and so on is useful as logical backfill to make broader leftist critiques of the Democratic Party hold up, but it’s also just wrong, verging on conspiratorial madness. And yet… Manchin and Sinema (and here I mostly just mean Sinema) didn’t fall from the skies into office. The fact that Democrats’ marginal members perennially trip up the rest of the party, often with the party leadership’s passive assent, is an outgrowth of the party’s decision making and its whole theory of politics.

Jon Yanz takes a hard stand on sentimentality politics. (Gawker)

Florida Republicans don’t like Disney but they’ll hold on to their Disney Dollars. (Politico)

My wife’s and my first European trip together included some time in Copenhagen. The food is great. (Bon Appetit)

Yes, you should read this feature about the marvelous Elizabeth Olsen. (New York Times)

These women are awesome.


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