Call for Workshops

ICMC 2018 (August 5-10, 2018) invites submissions of workshop proposals at the conference. Our conference theme this year is Preserve | Engage | Advance.

Instructions and Basic Information
Categories include but are not limited to:

  • Auditory Display and Sonification
  • Computer Music Composition
  • Computer Language-Based: ChucK, CSound, Live, MAX, Supercollider, etc.
  • Improvisation and Technology
  • Laptop Orchestra/Live Coding
  • Music Information Retrieval
  • New Instruments for Musical Expression
  • Preservation and Access to Electro-Acoustic Music
  • Robotics and Music
  • Soundmapping
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Sound Synthesis
  • WebAudio
  • Other
  1. Open to all regardless of nationality, age or career stage.
  2. Formats include full day, half day, and quarter day,
  3. Proposals must be submitted online, through the Conference Management Toolkit (CMT).
  4. There are no submission fees.

Review of Proposals
Submissions will be subject to peer-review.

Submission Deadline
February 12, 2018

ICMC 2018 workshop spaces at Art Factory.